Immuno Australia Pty Ltd was established to help Australians enjoy better health naturally.

Nutritionals based on science has been the philosophy of the discoverers and the creators of Immunocal®.

While their peers were focused on the benefits many pharmaceutical drugs had on the ill, Dr. Bounous and co discoverer Dr Patricia Kongshavn were not convinced that this is the best way. They believed that nature held many secrets for optimal health that were just waiting to be discovered by anyone who was willing to invest the time and effort necessary to uncover them.

While many companies start with a business idea looking for a product to sell, Immunocal started from ground breaking research that spurred the creation of a product that could truly help millions of people. Once created that discovery then needed a business to be created to protect and maintain the integrity of the product.

Immunocal® has been awarded many “method of use” patents, listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference in North America and is sold as a pharmaceutical product in 26 countries around the world.

We acknowledge the efforts and the achievements of Dr Gustavo Bounous and Dr Patricia Kongshavn for their pioneering research and also the outstanding contribution of Dr Wulf Dröge in making Immunocal and in particular Immunocal Platinum a new approach to better health and wellbeing.